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Multi-instrumentalist Euan Drysdale hales from Bathgate. As a trumpet player in his youth, he was part of the strong brass band tradition of his home turf. He continued studying the trumpet at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, but since graduating has made a name for himself as a guitarist and pianist collaborating in the world of rock and blues, as well on the traditional music scene.
As a member of the band 'Soft Monster', he explored the progressive rock movement while guesting with other bands such as 'Big Vern And The Shootahs' and 'Land'. A founder member of The Alastair Savage Trio, Euan also co-wrote and arranged several tracks on the groups two albums, 'Closer to Home' and 'Fool for a Time'.
Euan's debut record, 'A Parcel of Rogues', is his response to the timeless genius of Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns.